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Teresa Purcell spent her career working toward one goal – a socially just society. As one of only a handful of consultants with deep expertise working with communities of color and rural communities from coast to coast, Teresa questions what we have always done and seeks to learn and understand how we can be doing things differently to have impact and make people’s lives better.

Teresa brings people together across race, class, gender, and the urban/rural divide, with an unusually comprehensive understanding of the non-profit sector, political, advocacy, lobbying, policy-making, economic challenges, networking, messaging, and election processes. Teresa offers her mastery of campaign tools and tactics, expert knowledge of best practices, a broad network of relationships, a passion for ensuring that resources are wisely invested to build long-term capacity, and a fearless commitment to bringing people together to tackle complex issues.

Teresa works with clients to advance:

Representative Democracy: Teresa has extensive experience engaging under-represented voting populations and working across rural, suburban, and urban communities on a variety of issues – including economic and social justice; reproductive health, rights and justice; and environmental issues.

Teresa has recruited, trained, and supported hundreds of women leaders and candidates across the nation, while at the same time coaching leaders and board members to build organizational structure and capacity. She has run several multi-state campaigns to impact public policy, hold elected officials accountable, and increase voter participation.

Effective Government: Our government must work for all of us, not just those with wealth and privilege. Teresa brings deep expertise in policy advocacy, grassroots organizing campaigns, and lobbying.

Equitable Economy: Our economy is not working for all of us. Teresa seeks to work with clients to create opportunities to build a new economy, especially in rural communities. She believes that through innovation, investment, and collaboration we can tackle climate change, and protect our land air and water, while at the same time creating family wage jobs.

About Teresa:

Teresa Purcell has consulted, coached, and collaborated on over 230 political, issue, public education, and advocacy campaigns throughout the United States. Teresa has served as a consultant, lobbyist, executive director, and senior project director, and has worked with state-based organizations across the nation – 34 states in total – as well as with many national organizations. In 1992, she managed the successful, long-shot campaign for U.S. Senator Patty Murray, the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Washington State. In 2016, Teresa was a candidate for the Washington State Legislature and defeated the appointed incumbent in the primary, then lost in the general by 559 votes out of 57,000 cast despite the powerful Trump tide in rural Southwest Washington.

In 2001, Teresa founded Purcell Public Affairs Inc. to provide clients with expertise in strategy, communications, and mobilization with an emphasis on building power from the ground up. Her clients include {NAME 3-5} – A full list can be found here.

 In addition to her consulting practice, in 2017, Teresa built on the energy of her campaign and founded two organizations - The Working Democracy Project and The Working Democracy Center dedicated to bringing people from small towns and rural areas together to build progressive political power that advances a democracy, government, and an economy that works for us all.

A native of Washington State and a graduate of the University of Washington, Teresa now resides in her hometown of Longview, Washington after having spent years living in Washington D.C., Olympia, and Seattle. She currently hosts a community affairs program on KEDO – AM 1400 (a conservative talk radio station) called Building Bridges. She is the Vice-President of Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Legal Aid, an active volunteer with Lower Columbia School Gardens, and also volunteers on issues related to housing and homelessness. She is also very active with Women and People of Color candidate recruiting and training around the state and nation.

Teresa Purcell


  •   "When I first ran for the U.S. Senate in 1992, few people thought I had a chance to succeed.  But Teresa knew I could win, and she skillfully managed a smart, aggressive campaign that overcame  the odds.    Together, we  engaged and empowered people from all walks of life who believed their voice was not being heard in Washington, D.C.  I'm proud to say Teresa and I are both still working hard to make our state and nation stronger." 
    U.S. Senator Patty Murray
  • “Teresa excels at what I would call “deep” campaign work – helping groups really think differently about their constituencies, how to reach them, how to engage volunteers, how to get diverse constituencies behind messages, policies, and issues.  She has a broad base of issue expertise.  Oh, and lest I forget, Teresa is great to work with – a really funny, warm, creative, outside-the-box thinking person.”   
    Margaret Hempel, Ford Foundation, Director, Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice.
  • “I worked with Teresa for almost ten years when I was a Program Officer at the Ms. Foundation for Women. Teresa has done an excellent job partnering with Ms. Foundation grantees and other advocates to achieve exciting policy change that is truly making the world a better place.  She is a brilliant strategist whose passion for coaching is unparalleled.  She brings a wonderful and unique mix of "Washington, DC insider" and "grassroots activist" to her work.  Teresa is simply the best when it comes to smart, practical, and results-oriented plans linking local, state, and national advocacy work.” 
    Desiree Flores, Arcus Foundation, U.S. Social Justice Program Director.
  • “Over the course of more than a decade of working together, I have come to rely heavily on Teresa’s knowledge and understanding of strategy and message to increase the effectiveness of grassroots organizing.  Her experience with  progressive organizations throughout the nation  over her career provides her special insight that very few individuals possess.  Her advice and organizing abilities are invaluable tools from which any organization would benefit.  She helps her clients achieve goals efficiently and cost effectively.”
    Mark Sump, Activate, President.
  • “I call Teresa whenever I start a new project because I know she has the experience, expertise, and insights to guide me.  I’ve worked with her on polling, messaging, activist IDs, non-partisan voter participation, evaluation, strategy, and just plain coalition politics (and probably a few other things I’ve long forgotten)! She brings a sharp vision, keen understanding, wealth of knowledge, and a sense of humor to everything she does. She can negotiate the often confounding perceptions and goals of funders, lawyers, grassroots, activists, statisticians, policy makers, politicians, non-profits, and coalitions to get me through any project.  She just makes things easier and more effective, whatever the task.”
    Carrie Clark, North Carolina League of Conservation Voters, Executive Director.
  • “Teresa has a great ability to help groups figure out how to build power and get results. Whether at the local, state, or national level, Teresa brings a unique understanding of what it takes to help groups make a difference. She has worked in 34 states, on projects ranging from high-profile political campaigns to guiding local community-based groups to build their organization and power. Teresa can easily shift from helping groups that need clear and specific guidance on campaign activities to working with foundations that seek insight into broad concepts and the big picture.”
    Ed Zuckerman, League of Conservation Voters, Senior Vice President
  • “I’ve worked with Teresa for the past 17 years on everything from candidate campaigns and strategic messaging, to organizational planning and voter engagement methods. I trust Teresa because she is both innovative and disciplined. She is always on the cutting edge of new campaign technologies. Teresa thinks several chess moves ahead, turning the civic engagement of today into the advocacy of tomorrow, for lasting victories.”
    Sarah Jaynes, Progress Alliance of Washington, Executive Director.
  • “Teresa Purcell offers diverse, effective consulting services that help you win your campaign – whatever that may be – and build your organizational capacity. Whether it’s crafting a winning electoral campaign, creating a compelling communications plan, or developing voter engagement strategy, Teresa delivers on Purcell Public Affairs promise of “Uncommon Work for the Common Good.”
    Theresa Keaveny, Montana Conservation Voters/ Montana Conservation Voters Education Fund, Former Executive Director.
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